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HTTP embedded server library Copyright (C) 2006-2007 Olivier Singla

Definition in file glovars.h.

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Data Structures

struct  migl_handle
struct  mihl_ctx
struct  mihl_cnx


#define GLOBAL   extern
#define INIT(X)
#define ERRNO   errno
#define SOCKET_ERROR   -1
#define Sleep(X)   sleep(X/1000)
#define closesocket   close
#define O_BINARY   0
#define MIN(A, B)   (((A)<(B))?(A):(B))
#define FREE(pvar)


typedef struct migl_handle mihl_handle_t

Define Documentation

#define GLOBAL   extern

Definition at line 16 of file glovars.h.

#define INIT (  ) 

Definition at line 17 of file glovars.h.

#define ERRNO   errno

Definition at line 20 of file glovars.h.

Referenced by mihl_send(), tcp_read(), and tcp_write().

#define SOCKET_ERROR   -1

Definition at line 21 of file glovars.h.

#define Sleep (  )     sleep(X/1000)

Definition at line 23 of file glovars.h.

Referenced by tcp_read(), and tcp_write().

#define closesocket   close

Definition at line 25 of file glovars.h.

#define O_BINARY   0

Definition at line 27 of file glovars.h.

Referenced by read_file().

#define STRNCPY ( DST,
LEN   ) 


strncpy( DST, SRC, LEN-1 ); \
    DST[LEN-1] = 0;

Definition at line 29 of file glovars.h.

#define MIN ( A,
 )     (((A)<(B))?(A):(B))

Definition at line 71 of file glovars.h.

Referenced by send_file().

#define FREE ( pvar   ) 


if ( pvar ) { \
        free( pvar ); \
        pvar = NULL; \

Definition at line 73 of file glovars.h.

Referenced by mihl_end(), and mihl_handle_get().

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct migl_handle mihl_handle_t

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